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... a wide range across the disciplne of quality that we cover


Important topics for the qualitician:

  - Objectives

  - Sample sizes

  - Confidence limits

  - Accuracy & precision

  - Happenstance data

  - Process Capability



Gauge performance in packaging has improved to a point we can trust gauges for control work. For trial work, it is still borderline because of the much smaller changes we are trying to detect.

Hand held gauges are a thing of the past, just not good enough.

Destructive gauges are very common and for the most part can be studied for capaability.

Attribute gauges (vision systems, sensor gauges, ..) are very common due to the need to take huge sample sizes.



The three areas that are of great interest to packaging:


   -  Continuous variable

   -  Attribute

   -  Survival



Explaining the five step DMAIC methodology:

  - Define

  - Measure

  - Analyse

  - Improve

  - Control



Important topics for the qualitician:

  - Is the parameter critical?

  - Is the gauge suitable for the job?

  - How many samples do we need ?

  - What frequency is required for the check?

  - Wat is the priority for improvements?


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